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cosmetic facial acupuncture
Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture.


​Hello and welcome. I am going to talk about what is cosmetic facial acupuncture.  


Because well that is why I am here.  I want you to learn all about what I do.  About why I think this is such an awesome authentic treatment and why it is so much more than a facial rejuvenation.

"I'm now 42 and around our late 30s, my friends and I were starting to investigate ways to make ourselves feel better, get rid of our lines, get rid of our tiredness, our dark circles, and it was only once I had trained as an acupuncturist that I started to learn about cosmetic facial acupuncture and that this could be an option for us.

And so, I retrained. And it has helped them.  And it has helped me. And I'm just here to say this is an option for you".

We are going to be investigating what can cosmetic facial acupuncture help with I will be giving you an opportunity for a free Chinese medicine face reading

So let us get started.

Love Andrea

What is cosmetic facial acupuncture?

Cosmetic facial acupuncture is a treatment which is all about facial and skin rejuvenation.  It employs the tools and techniques that I have as an acupuncturist and it uses the body's natural healing responses to create natural and lasting change.  It is the most authentic way to make a change to your skin health.

How that works is that they each create micro-traumas on the skin.  And like any trauma, your body has a natural response which is to send in the reinforcements to repair the damage.  This means that leucocytes and collagen is sent to that area to start repair.  And repair brings about the new change.  New life.  And this is how we start to create the changes in your face.

The methods I use in a cosmetic facial acupuncture treatment will also help to release muscles which have become shortened.  Needles, cupping or gua sha will help to release muscles such as the corrugator and/or frontalis muscle, for example, which will contribute to your frown line.  These muscles will become shortened due to facial expressions, sleep, dryness, or age.  We need to release them so that our faces are not permanently "stuck".

For more in-depth coverage of our skin health, you can read my blog here.

Below is a video showing the process of using micro-needling on specific acupuncture points, but also the main concern of my frown line.  You can see from the series of 3 photos of my frown line over 24 hours.

before facial acupuncture
during facial acupuncture
after facial acupuncture
Changes to my face

I am using my face as an example of how a 6-week* practice has changed it. My two areas of concern were:

  • My frown line (as I mention in the video, people should stop making me frown)

  • My double chin

Could I do more about my face?  Sure.  I have horizontal lines on my forehead and I have a red mark under my eye BUT these are not my concern.  They do not bother me and I choose to leave them.

And below is an honest change from Day 1 to Day 42.  

* it is important to note that 10 weeks would be the absolute minimum number of treatments to see change.  My skin will personally need at least 10 treatments before I make the complete change to my face.  I would discuss with each patient how many treatments will be necessary.

week 6.png
Week 1 - 6 frown line change

my frown line is becoming less deep and less noticeable, visually.  By week 10 (I have lived with my frown for almost 42 years, it was very much part of my face) I expect this to be completely gone.  Authentically.

week 6 double chin
Week 1 - 6 double chin change

I will be honest my chin has completely blown me away!  I am so thrilled with how it has changed.  I actually have definition!

Want to have a good zoomed-in look?  You can download my pictures here.  Go take a look and see what you think.

I used a combination of my methods over those 6 weeks to work on my two areas of concern.

  • Facial cupping using prickly pear oil (high concentrates of Vitamin E)

  • Sunscreen

  • I tried to work on my sleep position It is a work in progress and is currently the biggest contributor to my frown line

  • I wore sunglasses 

  • I changed my skincare up

  • Red light therapy

  • Micro-needling

  • Derma-rolling

What this challenge showed me 

This challenge has shown me something else, and not just that I can make changes to my face. It has also shown me that I've really enjoyed looking after my skin. Looking after me. 


  • Seeing my two areas of concern become less and less of a concern.  Yes, they are still not completely gone.  BUT the changes are happening.  And I would be looking at about 4 more treatments to finally get to the stage where they are not a concern at all.

  • Feeling the texture of my skin change.  It feels so hydrated and smooth.

  • Allowing myself to care for myself.  I have made time for myself every day for anywhere between 5 minutes to 45 minutes.  There is absolutely nothing that is not pleasurable about lying under the red light, or seeing my cleansed and massaged face.

What can cosmetic facial acupuncture help with?

Areas of concern which I will see in the clinic are:

  • wrinkles
  • sagging skin
  • puffy eyes
  • dark circles
  • pigmentation
  • acne
  • rosacea
  • psoriasis

Chinese medicine face reading

Chinese face reading is a diagnostic tool that observes the face to see the overall health of a person.  I am asking if you would like a free Chinese face reading


You can send me a picture of your face (I will delete it after the reading and you can read my privacy policy and GDPR here) and I will send back my thoughts and guidance based on those observations?  I am adding an example below of my own face.

If you are interested send me an email with a picture of your face from the front and side view. It is entirely free and you might gain some insights or clarification on some signs and symptoms.


Why cosmetic facial acupuncture is so much more than a facial rejuvenation

Cosmetic facial acupuncture is about your skin health, but it does that alongside looking at your health overall. It looks not only at the signs and symptoms of your skin but also constitutionally.  

The beauty of cosmetic facial acupuncture is that not only can it help with your skin but I can also support you with other concerns.  For example, you might come in with a frown line which we will look at treating, but we might also support the hormonal headaches you get?  Or, you might have dark circles under your eyes and a bad back?

You are a whole person and your skin health is healthcare.

What cosmetic facial acupuncture is not

Cosmetic facial acupuncture is not a quick fix.  Unlike Botox, for example, it is not a treatment designed to work in one session.  The methods I use are designed to work with your body and create a natural change, from within.

We are looking at between 6-12 treatments depending on your main concern, but these are changes that we are making to the integrity of your skin.  So once these sessions are complete you will have changed the structure and make-up of your skin for long-lasting change with top-ups as necessary.

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