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Acupuncture Costs.


To work with me, I only take on clients that are prepared to invest in a minimum of three acupuncture treatments.  

Those three treatments allow us to quantify the changes in your signs and symptoms and I will then give you a clearer number of treatments you will need overall. 

If your problem is resolved before three treatments, then HOORAY!

If after three treatments you have experienced no changes then I will refer you to my network for alternative modalities or for further testing e.g. blood tests, MRI scans.

Acupuncture initial consultations

£115 for 90 minutes

This is a 90-minute consultation where we discuss what your signs and symptoms are.  We also discuss your medical health history and I ask questions that allow me to make a diagnosis.  This might include your sleep, lifestyle, menstrual cycle.  For further information on what we discuss, please click here.

Acupuncture follow up treatments

£77 for 60 minutes

In this session, which is 60 minutes, we will continue to work on your main complaint.  There may be some follow-up questions, but the majority of the appointment is for treatment.

Terms & Conditions of booking:

  1. To secure your appointment a 50% deposit is taken at the time of booking; with the remaining 50% taken by cash or card during your appointment.

  2. If you need to cancel your appointment, please give more than 24 hours' notice.  If more than 24 hours before your appointment then the 50% deposit will be returned in full. 

  3. If you cancel with less than 24 hours' notice then 100% of the appointment fee will be owed.  This will need to be paid without exception.

It is vital to me that I am transparent about my pricing.  So below I will show you why my one-hour appointment costs £77.

put in some....
  • 3 years of degree-level training to be an acupuncturist (circa £17,000)

  • My insurance, regulatory body membership, four special licenses from four different councils

  • Continuing learning (currently I am doing sculptural facelift, musculoskeletal and paediatrics). I want to be the best acupuncturist I can be, so I do a lot more learning

  • I buy the best needles and other equipment for my patients

  • I elevate your appointment with touches of luxury for you

  • I am saving my patients time and money out of their busy days by coming to them (depending on how much you earn this might be anything from £10 or >£50 per hour*) *this also excludes your costs of fuel/parking

throw in some....
  • you know, life stuff i.e. the cost to run a house, car, kids, dogs

  • but also the unpaid side to being an acupuncturist e.g. marketing, cleaning, administration, finance, social media, time for driving between appointments

  • I have also factored in the cost of holiday pay and sick pay but also, of that money I make per hour, I have to pay tax, NI, pension

Acupuncture covered by health insurance

If you have private medical insurance you may be eligible to claim back for your acupuncture treatments.  Please check with your service provider.

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