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cosmetic facial acupuncture tools

the power of the acupuncture tools

Why acupuncture tools are so powerful (and how you can harness some of that power at home)

All the cosmetic facial acupuncture tools

Below you will see all the methods I will use in cosmetic facial acupuncture treatment.

Click on each of the pictures and you can watch me in action, with each of them.


My absolute faves and the tools of my trade.  The needles we use in cosmetic facial acupuncture are different to what I would use in anacupuncture treatment.  They are shorter with different lengths and widths, depending on what I am working on.  

The beauty of these needles is I can place a mask or LED light over your face, even with the needles in.

The needles both create micro-trauma to initiate collage production and cell regeneration.  They are also important for releasing shortened muscles, for example, the corrugator or frontalis, which will become shortened if you frown a lot (for example).

Facial cupping
Facial cupping

Apart from needles, these are my next favourite thing.  I will use facial cupping to create a plumping and tightening on your skin.  The beauty of these tools is that you can do these treatments at home as well, which we will talk all about below.

Face roller and quartz
Gua sha

This traditional Chinese medicine practice can be used similarly to facial cupping.  I will not use gua sha in a cosmetic facial acupuncture appointment as the porous nature of the material means I cannot be sure of complete sterilisation between patients.  But the properties of the gua sha tool material is exceptional and I always recommend that people buy their own, to use at home.


A non-traditional method of Chinese medicine I use dermarolling on approximately appointment 3 or 4 (depending on how your skin reacts in the previous sessions).  Derma-rolling allows us to create microtraumas across the whole of the face (whereas micro needling targets very exact areas) and creates a smoothing of the skin.

Shellie Goldstein.jpg
LED light

LED light: again another non-traditional method of Chinese medicine I can use LED light for specific concerns.  I have a Celluma Pro which has three settings and which allows me to target acne, wrinkles and pain.  I think of it a bit like photosynthesis for the skin cells.

Cupping & gua sha: the powerful practices you can do at home

Let me show you more about facial cupping and gua sha.  These are practices that you can do at home and will really enhance your skin.  The actions of the two are similar, in results, but how they do it is different.  I believe you will find one or other method that you enjoy more (so what I am saying is you do not need to buy both) however you can use both (albeit not at the same time)!

Both practices encourage lymphatic drainage, release and relax facial muscles and smooth and tone the skin.

The added beauty of these tools is that not only can they be wonderful for your skin, but they can also be very powerful when it comes to:

Before we get started

Here is a guide that I give to all my facial acupuncture patients.  It tells you what you should expect before, during and after a treatment and how you can prepare.  Please take time to download it and read it before doing any treatment to yourself.

pre treatment
pre treatment notes
post treatment
Facial cupping
Facial cupping
How to use (see video below)

After applying a facial oil you will use the silicone cups to squeeze and slide across the skin. 


The suction draws blood to the surface and releases fascia and adhesions that cause sagging and wrinkles.

Facial cupping isn't just great for the skin, it can also be used for headaches, sinuses, shoulder tension, digestive problems and cellulite!

How frequently

Can be repeated daily for 5 minutes for the first week.  Subsequent weeks can be every other day.  Best to do it before bedtime, and after you have applied all your active ingredients.


When should you not use cupping?

  • If you have Botox/fillers in the area you are cupping. Wait for 3 to 4 months before doing Facial Cupping

  • Very thin skin that bruises easily

  • Open wounds, skin lesions, sores, or burns on your face and/or neck

  • A history of an allergic reaction

  • Multiple moles in the treatment area 

  • Skin Cancer

  • During pregnancy avoid cupping the stomach and lower back, as well as the shoulders. 


I do this once a week for my own cups, however for cups I use on patients I do this after each treatment.

  • Wash with hot soapy water (as hot as you can stand it).  Clean inside you with a pipe cleaner.

  • Remove and leave to drain

  • Dilute a Milton tablet (according to instructions) and place cups in the solution 

  • Take out and drain

  • For my own cups I then use a UV steriliser, however this is not necessary for your own personal use.

Gua sha
cosmetic facial acupuncture tools
How to use (see video below)

After applying a facial oil you will use firm but gentle sweeping strokes across the skin.  You will use the tool in one hand and hold the skin with your other hand. 


This action encourages lymphatic drainage, removing toxins from the skin.  It also releases fascia.

Gua sha tools have the added benefit that their material will also help your skin with a cooling effect.

How frequently

Can be repeated daily 


When should you not use gua sha?

  • If you have a cold sore

  • Inflamed rosacea

  • Active acne 

  • Sunburn

  • Any kind of skin lesions/irritation - wait until your skin is fully healed

  • After a derma roller treatment, peelings, laser treatments or even brow lamination or micro-blading treatments

  • After Botox or fillers (you should wait 4-6 weeks)

  • During pregnancy, there are certain points on the shoulder which are contraindicated.


I do this once a day for my own tools (and I do not use gua sha on my patients)

  • Wash with hot, soapy water.

  • Towel dry

  • Please note, that the tool will become very slippery when wet/soapy and it may break if dropped in the sink or on another hard surface. 

How to buy

You can buy the 4 cups from me at a discounted cost of £19 (RRP £23) plus postage and packaging.

Message me if you are interested.


I have created a ......... minute tutorial to show you how you can use facial cupping at home.

How to buy

You can a gua sha tool from me at a discounted cost of £25 (RRP £42) plus postage and packaging.

Message me if you are interested.


I have created a 3 minute tutorial to show you how to use gua sha at home.

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