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cosmetic facial acupuncture: follow up

for ultimate in nourishment for you

  • 110 British pounds

Service Description

Cosmetic facial acupuncture is a safe and effective use of intradermal needles to create a natural process of change to the skin. The needles, when placed into the skin, not only use the functions of the acupuncture points to help rejuvenate the face but also create small traumas to the skin. The natural mechanism of the skin in trauma is to create an immune response. This response sends white blood cells (leucocytes) and collagen to the area to aid repair. Facial acupuncture creates a process of change. It doesn't provide immediate results and will take a number of treatments, depending on your main concern, to achieve results. The first treatment, including initial consultation, is 2 hours 30 minutes. Subsequent sessions are 2 hours. In these sessions, you will get: * A double cleanse * Heskier or gua sha to release contractile tissue * Body and face points are chosen specifically for your needs * Celuma Pro LED light therapy * Mask for hydration and jade rolling * Facial cupping * Full facial massage using rebalancing gel and Puriskin Resurfacing Cream A course of six treatments can be block booked for a discount. Please email if this is something you would like to discuss. The beauty of facial acupuncture is that: * There is no downtime * There is often no side effects * You are achieving a natural change in your skin. * You are having your root cause treated with body acupuncture points. Using both body and facial acupuncture we will work with your bodies constitution to create a bespoke facial for just your skin and face. This could be: * fine lines and wrinkles * acne * dark and or puffy under the eyes

Cancellation Policy

FOR INDIVIDUAL APPOINTMENTS: You can pay by debit or credit card. 50% payment for all consultations is required on booking – this is fully refundable with 24hrs notice of cancellation. The remaining 50% can be paid by cash, bank transfer or card at the time of your appointment. FOR PAYMENT PLANS: you are required to pay for 100% of your package upfront. You may swap one session within the duration of your package plan. Should you not require all the sessions you will receive a partial refund based on the number of sessions not taken. These sessions cannot be swapped with another individual.

Contact Details

  • North Hertfordshire District, UK


  • Hitchin, UK


  • St Albans, UK


  • Hertfordshire, UK


  • Letchworth Garden City, UK


  • Essendon, Hatfield, UK


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