Pick me if....

  • We talk and you think I am the right acupuncturist for you

  • You like the idea of me coming to you and bringing you the celebrity treatment (like The Rock, David Beckham, LizzoJoe Wickes, Jennifer Aniston).

  • You want to relax and feel better in the comfort of your space - no time spent travelling and as soon as I have left you can continue relaxing

  • You want a fully qualified and insured acupuncturist who has spent three years, full-time, studying acupuncture, gua sha, cupping and moxa.  That is 3,600 hours of learning

  • You want someone who is a member of the leading body of acupuncturists British Acupuncture Council

  • You want someone who is fully qualified and insured to do facial acupuncture.  

  • You think acupuncture should be accessible to everyone, even if you cannot leave your home.

  • You like that I support my local community, by sending a part of my profits to Hertfordshire charities This will rotate every 3 months.

  • You'd like a loyalty scheme that gives you opportunities to earn free things!

  • You like opportunities to see collaborations and partnerships with other small local businesses

The Channel Project
  • You don't like any of those things about what's great about working with me

  • You like your practitioner in a white coat. I think they're very smart too, but they just don't work for me

  • You want to come to a clinic space

  • You want more experience (only time will give me this)

  • BUT most importantly, don't work with me, if you talk to me and you just don't think I am the right fit FOR YOU.

The Channel Project - why work with me

Don't pick me if....

The Channel Project - how to work with me

To talk to me....

  • I always run a free 20-minute opportunity to talk to me. There is no obligation to make a booking after that chat.

  • It is a chance to discuss your main complaint, what you want, and for you to figure out if I am the practitioner for you

  • If I am, we can book in an appointment time, and if I am not I am happy to suggest other local practitioners.



Everyone deserves to be as well as possible. I want everyone to be to access Chinese medicine. it is the underpinning foundation of everything I am working towards.


I believe in and support your uniqueness.  Chinese medicine celebrates that your signs and symptoms which are individual to you. I will treat you individually.


You should understand how I am treating you. It is my responsibility to use language and techniques which you understand.  Which explain how I can help you.  You should be able to participate in your health.


you will get the treatment of a celebrity. Home treatments are not just for the rich and famous. Mobile means i can come to you. I treat you in the comfort of your space. this means no travel for you, and after the treatment, I leave and you can continue relaxing.  Be a celebrity.


I am passionate about providing excellent healthcare. To find the best treatment for you. We are a team. We will work together.


I will be honest about how I can treat you. I will be honest about how long I will need to treat you. I will be honest if I cannot treat you.  Honesty is key. 

why people, like you, love working with me


Andrea has been my acupuncturist for more than a month with weekly sessions and she has been a delight to work with. Andrea is very thoughtful and considerate when treating the patient, looks at the overal picture with a 360' degree vision towards our health and great suggestions all the way through the different sessions. I was treated for a specific problem related with feminine hormones and she was great at not just treating it but as well continuously looking for information to empower me to build long term habits. I would highly recomend her.


I’m not just saying this but it looks really good and feels great …. Really impressed - will drop [name removed] a line to say how good it is xxx