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What are we tackling today?


This is your treatment.  I will listen to you thoroughly and ensure I check that I have understood and treated accordingly.

If you would like information on whether acupuncture might help your specific complaint, please refer to the British Acupuncture Council website

What is the cost of treatment?


Initial consultation: £80 for 90 minutes

Follow up sessions: £65 for 60 minutes 

What happens in a session?


I have written a blog post of what to expect from an acupuncture appointment.

But for a quick overview:


In your initial session, we will do a thorough and whole body discussion.  We will discuss your main complaint and take a look at your tongue and I will feel your pulse.  This allows me to make an appropriate diagnosis.  

Once I have made a diagnosis, I will select, palpate and needle the appropriate points to help balance your body.

To enable me to select the right points I will ask you to lay or sit down on the treatment couch.  I may also need you to remove some items of clothing.  Your privacy and modesty will be preserved through towelling techniques.


After a session, we will discuss my diagnosis, any future appointments and any lifestyle advice which you might follow in between appointments.

I'm scared of needles.  Can you still help me?

Acupuncture needle

Absolutely.  Needles are not the only tools I can use.  We can use moxa, cups, gua sha.  

How long does a treatment last?

How long does a treatment last

Initial consultation: 1.5 hours 

Follow up sesions: 1 hour 

How is the payment made?

How can I pay?

You can now make your booking online.  When booking your appointment you will be charged a 50% deposit.

The remaining amount can be paid by cash and card on the day

What should I wear?


Please wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.  I would suggest loose, layers.  

You may be asked to remove some clothing - underwear will stay on at all times.

How many sessions will I need?


Depending on your diagnosis, we will discuss how long we will need to work together.

For an acute muscular-skeletal issue we might be looking at 2-4 sessions

For a chronic condition, the minimum will likely be 6 sessions

But we will review each time and this is just a guide.

What should I do......?


Before: Try and avoid caffeine or a large meal 2 hours before.  As the tongue is a very important diagnostic tool.  Please don't brush it.

After: Try and avoid alcohol for the first 24 hours after treatment.  Also try and use the remainder of your day to relax.