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Honestly, from the bottom of my heart, I am so pleased to have you here.  

Andrea the acupuncturist

Hello. My name is Andrea and I am the Channel Project, an acupuncturist based in Hertfordshire.  I also cover central Bedfordshire (and I will be honest parts of that county are stealing my heart).


I'm a mobile acupuncturist which of course means I bring the acupuncture to you.  You lucky thing.


I come to you, so you can relax and heal at home.  No parking, no time pressures, no rushing. 


Coming to you, means it is all about you. 

Authentic radiant skincare

Thank you so much for being here and joining this mini-series.  You will be here because you want to find authentic skin changes specifically for you. 

I am going to show you the ways that cosmetic facial acupuncture can:


  • brighten

  • tighten

  • hydrate

  • soothe

  • sculpt


and help with problem areas such as:

  • wrinkles

  • sagging skin

  • puffy eyes

  • dark circles

  • pigmentation

  • acne

  • rosacea

  • psoriasis. 

Your skin will be authentically you.  But different.  Better. And the real beauty of cosmetic facial acupuncture is you can have all of that but also simultaneously other areas of concern treated e.g. pain, menstrual problems, insomnia, digestion, sinuses and mental health.

To get started

To start this week, I want to offer you a free download.  This download will support the days ahead.  Something which will help you with your facial rejuvenation journey.

  1. What is your skin type using the Baumann scale.  Knowing this enables you to create an effective skincare routine and understand your skin’s individual needs. This will help you determine which products can improve your skin and which products may damage it.

  2. What is your face saying, according to Chinese medicine face reading?  It gives you the chance to really look at what your face is telling you.  Skin care is health care.  70% of our skin health is extrinsic factors i.e. lifestyle.  Your face is telling you a lot.

  3. Prompts around what you want to achieve, and what you would like to change.  

  4. Quick skincare guide e.g. what does Retinol do?  Do we need to use toner?  Best active ingredients for healthy ageing skin.

What is happening this week?

Each day you will receive an email from me and below is what you can expect.  I am making these sessions as informative and fun as possible.  I want you to take my experience, my expertise in Chinese medicine and cosmetic facial acupuncture and I want you to have the tools to start your authentic skincare.  

As always my messages are open.  Get in touch any time!

Love Andrea

Day 1

What is cosmetic facial acupuncture? 

  • What can cosmetic facial acupuncture help with?

  • Chinese medicine face reading

  • Why cosmetic facial acupuncture is so much more than a facial rejuvenation

Day 3

Facial acupuncture vs treatments

  • What are our options when it comes to treatments for our faces?

  • Let's look at the pros and cons of treatments

  • What are the costs?

Day 2

The power of the tools we can use

  • What are cupping and guasha?

  • How to do cupping and guasha at home

  • Things to do before and after treatment

  • Looking after your tools

Day 4

Come join me

  • The final instalment and I invite you to come and ask me any of your questions

  • You will have your final letter and you can now send me an email with the word that it makes

ONE LAST THING!  I am also running a HUMUNGOUS competition

Each day, in the email, you will be given two letters.  In the end, you will have 6 letters.  Reply to my last email with the word, it spells and you will be entered into a draw for a HUGE prize.

I am offering one lucky person in Hertfordshire, or Central Bedfordshire to win 8 FREE COSMETIC FACIAL ACUPUNCTURE treatments.  This would normally cost £650.

The competition will close on the 31st of August and the winner will be announced on the 1st of September.

Terms & conditions

  • I can only offer treatments in councils where I have a special license.  This is North & East Hertfordshire, Welwyn & Hatfield and Central Bedfordshire.

  • These treatments will happen in your home.

  • These treatments can be booked from w/c 5th September 2022 and must be taken by 31st January 2023.

  • There is no cash alternative.

  • Treatments would be best done on a weekly basis, to create maximum effect.

See you tomorrow!