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sustainable beauty

sustainable beauty

The beauty industry contributes 120 billion units of packaging every year.  A lot of plastic.  A lot of it that cannot be recycled.  So, it is really important we, as consumers, start to pressurise our beauty brands to make the necessary changes.

But if you are new around here you will not yet know that I love our local small businesses so this page is all about sustainability and the fab people doing their thing locally.

Enjoy and have a wonderful day

Love Andrea

Local sustainable beauty
Wholesome Weigh

Based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, Wholesome Weigh is a refill shop that is entirely single-use plastic-free and their products are either Organic, Fairtrade, or Cruelty-free and always sourced as locally as possible.

Sugar and Scoop

Sugar & Scoop is in Ware, Hertfordshire and offers a beautiful range of sustainable beauty products

pip and lil.png

Pip & Lil is owned by Sarah and she makes reusable face wipes, Posh Flannels, Unpaper Towels, wet bags, scrunchies, eye masks, and hair bands and she says "The reason I make so many bits and bobs is because I don't like wasting fabric if I can find a way to use a scrap I do".

lucy bee.png

Lucy Bee is a Hertford based independent skincare company.  Their ethical principles of organic, Fair Trade ingredients and respect and concern for others and the environment are at the heart of the Lucy Bee ethos, including using recyclable packaging and minimising our use of plastic.


Fairhaven is a vegetarian and environmentally friendly wholefood shop in Letchworth, Hertfordshire.

They have an amazing range of beauty products and opportunities to refill as well.

For a full list of Hertfordshire based refill shops you can visit the Hertfordshire Waste Aware site which lists those stores.  It also has some brilliant resources about local sustainability, in general, and discounts with partners for example reusable period wear, home composting and seed swaps.

pinks charming.png

Pinks Charming is a brilliant blog managed and written by Becky Pink.  Her blog is a way to live a more sustainable, eco-friendly life.

Her pages on clean beauty are a honest reviews of natural, organic and chemical-free skincare and make-up.

skin pod.png

The Skin Pod is not a sustainable beauty podcast, but it does have two brilliant episodes, which really gave me lots to consider about my role in how I can create a change.

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