Lunar New Year and a gift

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

I cannot inherit the legacy and ancestry of this wonderful medicine I practice but I can always be mindful and appreciative of the customs which surround acupuncture.

For me, learning acupuncture is not just about learning where the points are. Or the theory.

It is also learning about the history of Chinese Medicine and culture.

I have previously written a brief history of Chinese Medicine here, but today I wanted to focus on the Lunar New Year.

It is important to me to continue learning about the Chinese culture. So if you have anything else which you think would be useful, I'd love it if you could send it to me.

I will talk about the Lunar New Year, as there are many countries which celebrate this festival, but I will of course talk specifically about Chinese New Year also and its history.

Love from Andrea

The Lunar New Year will be celebrated, this year, on the 12th February 2021.

But the date does not always remain the same as it is determined by the second new moon which falls after the Winter solstice. This means, that the date can fall between 21st January and 21st February.

Interesting, in the paper below called the Mathematics of the Chinese Calendar we know that:

"possible dates for of Chinese New Year between 1645 and 2644 are between January 21 and February 21. We see that dates between January 22 and February 19 are common, January 21 and February 20 are rare, and February 21 is extremely rare. Chinese New Year will fall on February 21 in 2319"

In China, the Lunar New Year also marks the beginning of Spring and hence why it is also called the Spring Festival.


The History of the Chinese Calendars

It is widely thought that the Chinese New Year started in the Shang dynasty with various changes made through subsequent dynasties and different emperors.

"The Chinese emperor based his authority on being the Son of Heaven". In that case, it was very embarrassing if the calendar was not in harmony with the heavens"

Chinese Empeorors considered their knowledge on calendars to be paramount