Falling into Autumn

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

In Chinese Medicine, this season is the time of the Lung and Large Intestine, or the Metal Element.

It is time to start moving inward. Become more Yin. Let go of these things which no longer serve us, like the leaves on trees.

Autumn in Chinese Medicine

Historically, people would have lived more seasonally. Lights were not available. We would have gone to bed with the dark and risen with the light.

Like the trees, we would be starting to conserve our energy. We would have our supplies ready and we would be hunkering down.

So, what can you start (or continue) doing to support yourself in this transition?

Preparing for Autumn in Chinese Medicine
  1. Keep that scarf on people! Every time you venture outside a scarf should be around your neck. In Chinese Medicine, the back of the neck is where pathogens enter. If the neck is covered, they cannot easily enter (unless someone coughs on you)!

  2. Let go, let go, let go of everything. As the leaves start to fall from trees, we can start to consider what objects, rituals, habits or even people no longer serve us. We can be sad to disconnect from those things but we move on appropriately and the loss makes us lighter.

  3. Keep yourself hydrated. Skin, lips, noses, hair can all start to become drier with the change in seasons. It is a really good idea to keep yourself nourished with lots of fluids. The fluid doesn't always mean water. It can be found in soups, hot drinks, stews.

  4. Pungent foods for the Lungs such as garlic, turnip, ginger, radish and cabbage. These foods will all support the Lung in diffusing Qi (life force) around the body.


Foods for Autumn

Foods for Autumn according to acupuncture