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Acupuncture and periods: period tracker

Acupuncture and periods

Menstruators are amazing.  And tracking your cycle is very important.  It allows you to understand your ovulation, your signs and symptoms.  

The more you know, the more acupuncturists are able to understand conditions and the more we can help you.

Please feel free to download this period tracker I created (by clicking here).   You will see below a picture of what it looks like it. It is very simple.  

Because it doesn't need to be tricky or high-tech.  

Track my period

For example using my PDF, you can track

- mood

- period length

- cycle length

- quality and quantity of your period blood

- temperature

- colour of bleed and clots

- pain

- discharge

- cravings

Why is period tracking important?  As Lisa Hendrickson-Jack calls it, it is the Fifth Vital Sign.  It provides you, and your acupuncturist, with a wealth of information.

So, what does your menstrual cycle tell me as your acupuncturist?

By tracking, you know what is normal for you.  There is a fallacy that a 'normal' period cycle is 28 days.  Yours may be shorter or longer.  As long as you can start to gauge an idea of when you ovulate and then note when the first day of your full bleed is, this will start to tell you how long your cycle is.  If your periods are always 24 day cycles, that is normal for you.  That means I know where you are in your cycle when I provide treatment.  Because when we treat people who menstruate we actually tailor our treatment to suit where you are.  Even if you come in for something non-menstrual cycle related.

As an aside, unless you have a problem with your menstrual cycle we actually try and avoid treatment on that week.

So what about everything else?

Your period colour tells me something

Your period pain and where and when it happens tells me something

How much you bleed tells me something

If you have large clots in your bleed tells me something

If you get PMS (and the signs and symptoms which are specific to you) tell me something

If you would like to know more about periods, from an acupuncture perspective, you can take a look at my blog posts below.  I have written about:

Or feel free to speak to me, and see if I can help you.

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