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When you choose to work with me, we become a team.  I am your champion and want the best and quickest outcome for you.

You will find in these pages:

Guidance on lifestyle advice, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principles. When we work as a partnership we will discuss your treatment and I will guide you on any lifestyle and dietary changes you might need to make.  This page will allow you to download resources specific to your pattern.  It is there for you to use as often as you wish.


I have also added a list of alternative practitioners I recommend.  People whom I have worked with.  People I trust to enhance your treatment.


Period tracker.  I believe any menstruator deserves to understand more about their periods.  They are amazing and tell us a lot.  I recommend you read Maisie Hill, Period Power for more insights.  I'd be happy to lend you a copy.

There is also a section on WHAT TO EXPECT in an appointment and if you would like to see my values click here.

Acupuncturist in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire