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These values are at the core of how I work.  With every single client. 


Underpinning all of this is YOUR wellness.  

If we get to work together I will use these values in every interaction.  In every treatment.  

Your health and wellbeing is my priority.  And I want to support you to achieve the best life you can have.




EVERYONE deserves to be as well as possible. I want everyone to be to ACCESS Chinese medicine. it is the underpinning foundation of everything I am working towards.

you will get the treatment of a ROCK STAR.  home treatments are not just for the rich and famous.  mobile means i can come to you. I treat you in the comfort of your space. this means no travel for you, and after the treatment, I leave and you can continue relaxing.  BE A ROCK STAR


I believe in and support your UNIQUENESS.  Chinese medicine celebrates that YOUR SIGNS & SYMPTOMS are individual to you. I will treat you individually.


I am passionate about providing excellent healthcare. To find the best treatment for you. We are a team. We will WORK TOGETHER.


You should understand how I am treating you. It is my responsibility to use language and techniques which YOU UNDERSTAND.  Which explain how I can help you.  You should be able to participate in YOUR HEALTH.


I will be honest about how I can treat you. I will be honest about how long I will need to treat you. I will be honest if I cannot treat you.  HONESTY IS KEY. 

Acupuncturist in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire