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Because I love my clients, I've introduced "Channel points". You can earn points on treatments, by sharing my small business or referring friends and family.  Take a read below of how you can earn your points.


For every 1000 points, I'll give you a £10 credit to spend on any of my acupuncture treatments.


You can either spend them in increments or build them up and use them in one go.


Terms and conditions:


  • if you already follow me - just give me a shout with a screenshot or your username and I will credit your account.

  • There is no cash alternative. The points can only be used on treatment with me

  • Only the person who has earned the points can use the points.  They are not transferable.

  • There are no maximum times you can refer friends. It is my absolute favourite thing you could do for my small business. One person, twenty people, I will credit your account. They must book and attend an appointment though and you will only earn points for that person once.

  • Even if you write me a shoddy review I would still credit you, although you may not wish for more treatments. I hope though, that if you feel you haven't received the treatment of dreams then we would have discussed it in advance.

  • You can only leave a Google review for me once you have booked and attended an appointment.  

Channel Points
Channel Points
How to earn Channel Points

If you attend a block of 6 treatments (taken consecutively, in one treatment block i.e. once a week for 6 weeks) you will get the 7th treatment for free.  Once you have taken your 7th treatment, the count will roll back down to one


Tell a friend: when they book and attend their first appointment (get them to mention they came via you)

Write a review: if you submit a Google review

To say happy birthday: N.B you must have opted in for email news for me to send you this notification!


Shout about me on Instagram: if you add a story or grid post (and tag me) talking about your acupuncture experience

Join my email newsletter: if you subscribe to my monthly email newsletter 



For each social media channel you follow me on


IG: @thechannelproject

FB: @thechannelprojectuk

Channel points

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