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Who Are We

Giving you the confidence to use marketing tools to build the acupuncture practice you deserve

This one is for you if you are not seeing your full patient capacity.  

You have all the tools and techniques to be the acupuncturist you have worked so hard to become, BUT you can be the best acupuncturist in the world but it is all meaningless without patients.

I want you to have the practice you want and some of the questions I will be helping you solve are:

  • Do I need social media/marketing?

  • I cannot keep coming up with content consistently

  • I do not have time to create content

  • I do not know what to post

  • I don't know how to post beautiful/informative content

  • There is so much to do, I don't know where to start

  • I cannot sell

  • How do I get the right patients from my marketing?

  • I do not like being on social media

  • How to use Canva

  • Creating videos

  • I do not want to talk to video / give talks

  • What if I get it wrong?

  • I do not have a brand

  • Will ChatGPT solve all my problems?

  • Selling makes me feel "ick"!

  • I do not have an email list

Grow your acupuncture practice with my self-paced online programme, enabling you to attract your ideal patients with confidence and ease!

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